San Francisco, CA 2013

San Francisco, CA 2013

"What's your next adventure?"

There was that time we hiked into an ice encased Acadia National Park in January. We toured a Cathedral in Toledo, Spain built in 1226. Zip lining above the clouds in Costa Rica. Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge in the rain. Camping under the stars in Pennsylvania's darkest night sky. Biking 6 miles in the Southern summer heat just to get a New Orleans Sno Ball from Hansen's. Stumbling onto the most magical places in Big Sur. Road tripping across the Mid West with an all female New York punk band. 


And that's just the beginning.

Lindsay and Jessica met in 2013 and started traveling almost immediately. Whether it's a simple road trip in their state of CT or a flight across the Atlantic, their adventures are plentiful. Lindsay, a professional photographer who has run her own business for 10 years, has a distinct eye for beauty. Seeking out the most spectacular visual moments on every trip, her photos are a timeless editorial of each adventure. Jessica, an Emergency Room nurse, has a penchant for research. Finding all the best, most authentic, hidden, special places on each trip providing a never ending amount of beautiful and interesting places to visit. 


Married in 2016, Lindsay and Jessica vowed to love, honor, cherish, and always adventure together. 



All photos on this site were taken by Lindsay Vigue unless otherwise indicated